Bali spa inspired by the beauty of Bali’s natural environment and traditions, with our intensive trained therapists that specialize in authentic Indonesian massages and treatments. What makes us different than other foreign spas in the city is Balinese and Javanese that is known for their healing massages for mind, body, and soul.

With the combination of traditional and modern ways, you will be spoilt and treated from head to toe with common Indonesian treatments that you never experience before.

Bali spa is situated in the middle up and coming growing Woodstock area, collaborated spaces with The woodstock loft as one shop stop service present you high-end luxury brands of life style from clothing, local crafts, beauty bar, spa and deli. Our main goal is to let our clients Experience our culture, tradition, and hospitality with the warm environment and ambiance.




Products that we use:


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The Woodstock Loft
100 Victoria Road
Woodstock, 7925
Cape Town
South Africa

[email protected]

082 696 8527

Our Products

Bali-Spa Products are hand made using Indonesian traditional spices, natural products and Dermaplex skin care.

  • ORLY & ESSIE Nail Products
  • Gelish Nail Polish is Available